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Residential and Inpatient Treatment Services

Brazos Place is the leading drug and alcohol rehab center near Houston, TX. Our bay area drug treatment center is conveniently located in Freeport, TX, right outside Houston, TX. Our inpatient rehab center staff knows that early recovery is a stressful time, so we do everything we can to make your residential treatment efficient and effective. You will find the best certified staff at Brazos Place, who are specifically trained to assist both men and women through our award-winning approach to drug and alcohol recovery through residential treatment.

Our Services

Inpatient Residential Treatment Program

Our inpatient residential treatment program last from 30-60 days to provide a relaxed approach to overcoming drug and alcohol addiction for anyone looking for a rehab center near Houston. Our trained and certified staff provide structure and total-body support to help you learn to overcome dependency of drugs and alcohol.

Separate Residential Treatment for Men and Women

Men’s Residential Program:

All of our drug and alcohol addiction programs are lead by trained residential treatment facility staff know how to address the needs of men seeking a Houston residential treatment center. As a leading men’s drug and alcohol treatment center, we know that there is much more to addiction than just the physical component. We focus on helping you develop at a fundamental level to ensure you have a successful life after you overcome your life of addiction.

Women’s Residential Program:

We take great pride in offering the initial treatment for women who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction in Houston. Our women’s residential treatment facility provides unique options for women to overcome their addictions through residential treatment programs so you can lead normal, healthy lives. Our sensitive residential treatment facility staff will provide will help women learn new skills to maintain their sobriety for years to come.

Our Approach To Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Our focus on individual needs through residential treatment services has allowed us to become the most trusted rehab center in Houston, TX. The goal of our Houston alcohol and drug treatment center is to provide a healthy and supportive environment that will prepare you for a new life free from the bonds of addiction.

Overcoming addiction isn’t easy, and sometimes people need the guidance of a residential treatment facility to break free of addiction. This is why our unique Houston rehab center provides services as both men’s drug and alcohol treatment center and a women’s residential treatment facility. Our monitored and secure facility allows both men and women to find the treatment they need, without compromising safety or effectiveness of drug and alcohol treatment.

Reclaim Your Life Today!

If you are struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, then please reach out to our Houston rehab center to begin the journey to reclaim your life. Together, you will be able to find a life of peace and sobriety!

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We were a very confused family and were scared for our teenage daughter’s future. ADAPT helped to put us all on the road to recovery
Julie P.Texas City, TX

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