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Our goal is simple – to help our clients and their families get well.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Texas

At ADAPT, we believe that treating addiction is about saving lives and restoring families. Our licensed drug and alcohol treatment centers offer a variety of outpatient programs available to both adolescents and adult in and around the Houston metropolitan area. We utilize only proven clinical treatment methods to help participants make positive changes in their lives and achieve lifelong recovery.

Wellness and recovery are ongoing journeys and our team of licensed professionals is available to support you every step of the way. Whether you are new to recovery or have previous experience with the process, we will fight alongside you to maintain your freedom from addiction.

What we do

Our team provides you with safe and structured environment and the guidance of trained professionals, in order to support you in making positive life changes. We recognize that everyone comes to recovery under unique circumstances and our Huston drug rehab centers understand the need to balance recovery with work, school, and family responsibilities. That is why we have crafted a range of alcohol addiction and drug treatment programs that are sure to fit your needs.

Whether you are searching for outpatient programs, mental health programs, treatment for adolescents, relapse prevention, family counseling, or state-mandated educational classes, you will find all of these and more at our Houston Drug Rehab Centers.
We invite you to visit our Services and Classes pages to learn more about the alcohol addiction and drug treatment resources available to you.

Why Choose Us?

ADAPT Programs is a leader in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. Every day we work with men, women, and teens to win their lives back from the suffocating grip of chemical dependency.
We have been finding hope and offering healing to patients and their families. If you are searching for addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, we urge you to seek professional support that offers the best chance of lifetime recovery. That is what you will find with ADAPT Programs.
If you are interested in having a confidential conversation with one of our representatives or would like to visit a Houston Drug Rehab Center, please don’t hesitate to give us a call: 1-855-862-3278

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